Mobile Application Testing Eliminate the need for complex and poor performing emulators


Mobile Application Testing

In the coming years, mobile application development projects are set to outnumber desktop development projects four to one. These mobile applications pose testing challenges not shared by their desktop counterparts. By partnering with Mobile Labs and HPE, Checkpoint Technologies is able to offer mobile testing solutions that address the biggest challenge of mobile application testing: the device itself. Mobile application testing solutions from Mobile Labs and HPE allow HPE Unified Functional Testing to record and execute tests on real mobile devices, eliminating the need for complex and poor performing emulators. 

Validating the performance of mobile applications also poses challenges not faced in traditional desktop applications. Variances in mobile network quality and location can drastically impact the performance of your application to the end user. By leveraging industry standard HPE LoadRunner software with HPE Shunra Network Virtualization software, Checkpoint Technologies is able to offer performance testing solutions that can accurately exercise load on your system to ensure it is ready for prime time. 

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