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Checkpoint Technologies, experts in QA and software testing, invites you to join us at our Tampa office for an exciting and informative enablement event about how to use the Atlassian products and software testing best practices in a DevOps environment. Continue reading
If you are a UFT user you know there are a few ways to add objects to your object repository. In case you aren't, the object repository is where UFT stores the test objects used to build automated tests which consist of steps created from application objects, for instance web buttons, and the methods applied to those objects such as "Click" for a button. Continue reading
I don't know about you, but I hate not having a clue when it comes to IT matters. After all, I'm an IT professional for crying out loud. The reality, though, is that IT is way too diverse to know everything about everything, or anything about some things for that matter. And it's not just IT folk who are at a disadvantage. It's all of us. If you're anything like me, have I got a resource to recommend! And it's FREE! Continue reading
JIRA Administrators oftentimes are asked to recommend a calendaring solution that will integrate with Confluence. The Atlassian Marketplace provides a variety of add-on calendar solutions, such as Work Time Calendar and JIRA Calendar Plugin, that integrate with JIRA and Confluence. Continue reading
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? If we've learned anything from the "Three Little Pigs" it's that there's a time to plan and a time to play and bacon is delicious. That being said and bacon still being delicious, the time to plan is right now. Continue reading
Many professionals make use of Google Sheets spreadsheets to track project information. Thanks to the ability to share a Google sheet with anyone that has a Google account, team members can easily collaborate on a project using a shared Google sheet. Continue reading